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Vows. They're like New Year's resolutions- easy to make and impossible to live up to. Instead of going into a marriage vowing "till death do us part," maybe the ceremony should include the question: "Do you have any idea how difficult this is going to be?" And, if you really believe that you do, then and only then, you shouldn't say "I do," you should say, "I'll try."

Award-winning filmmaker ROB REINER directs a romantic comedy that asks the question:
Can a marriage survive 15 years of marriage?

The Story of Us, starring BRUCE WILLIS and MICHELLE PFEIFFER, is the very real and humorous examination of Ben and Katie Jordan's marriage. After 15 years, the couple is wrestling with the universal paradox: why are the qualities that made them fall in love in the first place now the very things pulling them apart?

Emotionally drained from their relationship, the Jordans attempt a trial separation while their children, Josh, 12, and Erin, 10, are away at summer camp. For both Ben and Katie, fighting has lately become the condition rather than the exception, and they believe that their only option is a silent retreat to neutral corners. During their time apart, both Ben and Katie reflect on the value of their shared history -- the dance, perfected over time, that has made them an "us."

Michelle Pfeiffer is Katie Jordan, the designated driver of the marriage. She likes having everything in its place, knowing that there are answers to the little questions and having a sense of closure. Her career as a crossword-puzzle designer fulfills her need to know that the little world on that half page is complete. And this is why Katie fell in love with Ben's (Bruce Willis) imagination, spontaneity and playfulness.

Ben, a writer, is a true romantic who believes in happy endings. But life demands some attention to details, and Ben doesn't know where the Bactine is and he lets his washer-fluid light blink incessantly red. Ben's philosophy, as Katie describes it, is comparable to the children's book Harold and the Purple Crayon. Harold is a little boy who draws the world the way he wants it to be and not the way it actually is.

How can these qualities that were once so endearing become so infuriating that you lose sight of what is important? At what point do you forget that without the other person you are incomplete?

The Story of Us is a Castle Rock Entertainment production. Universal Pictures will release the film in the U.S. and Canada, with Warner Bros. handling all international territories. ROB REINER directs and, with writers ALAN ZWEIBEL and JESSIE NELSON, produces the film. JEFFREY STOTT and FRANK CAPRA III are the executive producers.

Reiner also stars as Stan, Ben's best friend, who speaks metaphorically about life. He is married to Katie's effervescent, opinionated best friend, Rachel (RITA WILSON). The two couples have been a part of each others' lives for years- weddings, babies, New Year's, birthdays. Stan and Rachel are the Jordans' Fred and Ethel Mertz.

Also starring in The Story of Us are PAUL REISER, TIM MATHESON and JULIE HAGERTY. Rounding out the cast, as Ben's and Katie's parents, are four extraordinary comic talents: RED BUTTONS, BETTY WHITE, JAYNE MEADOWS and TOM POSTON.

The key craftspeople include director of photography MICHAEL CHAPMAN (Academy Award nominee for The Fugitive and Raging Bull); production designer LILLY KILVERT (Academy Award nominee for Legends of the Fall); co-editors ROBERT LEIGHTON (Academy Award nominee for A Few Good Men) and ALAN EDWARD BELL (The Green Mile, Ghosts of Mississippi and The American President); composer ERIC CLAPTON (Lethal Weapon series and Rush) with MARC SHAIMAN (Academy Award nominee for Sleepless in Seattle, The American President and The First Wives Club) and costume designer SHAY CUNLIFFE (A Civil Action, City of Angles and Dolores Claiborne).

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