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The title of the film was also a collaboration between Zweibel and Nelson. Jessie went to meet Alan at his home for a preliminary project meeting. During her visit, Jessie noticed a beautiful book- a bound and illustrated narrative written by Alan as a gift to his wife titled The Story of Us. In this book, he composed an account of their relationship's highs and lows. Zweibel explained that for every holiday, birthday and anniversary he would buy a present for his wife and, inevitably, she would return it the very next day. This gift-giving "ceremony" continued throughout the first decade of their marriage until, for their 10th wedding anniversary, Alan created this account of their relationship, which he determined she could not return to any store! Nelson knew that The Story of Us was the perfect title for the project they were scripting.

Nelson remembers the first time she heard Pfeiffer at a table reading. "It was a mind-blowing experience. We knew what an extraordinary actress she was and how moving it would be, but we had no idea how funny she was!"

Recalling her first impression of the script, Pfeiffer says "it was so funny and smart. I don't think there has been a movie about this subject matter. When you see a story about a marriage on the rocks, or a relationship falling apart, it is usually the result of something huge. The truth of the matter is, most relationships or marriages fall apart because of the day to day grind."

This daily grind has been felt by a plethora of women, including many crewmembers who were involved in the making of the film. One member of the crew explained the film to her friend by declaring that "Michelle Pfeiffer is playing me!"

Pfeiffer tends to agree with this statement, "Katie is like a lot of women that I know who are basically juggling everything, and I think [they] get overwhelmed by that and begin to resent their mates for not meeting them halfway."

"Eventually, over time, you just lose touch with each other, without even realizing it. I think that is what this movie is about. Maybe it is the 3,000 diaper changes or 'who's going to pick them up at carpool?' You begin, without knowing it, to put your relationship in the back seat. However, I think in the end, you have to learn to see things through each other's eyes and you have to get back to the things you fell in love with," explains Pfeiffer.

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