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The history of The Story of Us began with a conversation between Rob Reiner and producer/writer Alan Zweibel when they were working on the film North.

"We started talking about doing a movie about what it means to be married for a long period of time... the ins and outs, the difficulties of staying married," says Reiner. "Our couple is going through a lot, and they're going to determine whether or not they're able to make a go of it or wind up getting divorced." Reiner continues that "there are movies about people getting divorced and the trauma of divorce, but you never see movies about all the stuff in between, the difficulties of what it is to have an ongoing, committed relationship."

The producers/writers, Alan Zweibel and Jessie Nelson, delved into this project utilizing their own personal experiences to truthfully examine marriage. As Nelson says, "No one ever told me how hard it would be. You fall in and out of love. There are magical times, and then there are challenging times."

Zweibel adds, "A lot of the scenes did, in fact, happen to me in my life. I was living a lot of it, as were Jessie and Rob." At times, Zweibel says, he had no idea how certain scenes would turn out until he resolved them in his own marriage. Zweibel and Nelson would collaborate on a Monday morning and, says Zweibel, "We got together and it became almost like therapy sessions."

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